RESET Air Accredited Data Provider

by AUROS Group

A RESET Air Accredited Data Provider is a trusted software provider that transfers data as collected from monitors to the RESET Assessment Cloud for data analysis and certification

Solution Overview

AUROS360™is a RESET Air Accredited Data Provider,

AUROS Group's integrated data monitoring and management platform provides a secure and simple way to access your commercial building’s RESET Air indoor air quality data in real-time and with performance indicators. The AUROS360 solution provides actionable building performance insights using proprietary technology to show real time performance against simulated dynamic and static goals. AUROS360 is a single-pane of glass solution for indoor air quality and the entire building operational network as described in the Marketplace Solution for the AUROS360 Integrated Dashboard. AUROS360 also offers the ability to integrate whole-building simulations with actual trends to drive optimum building performance. AUROS360 not only measures what is; we use digital replicas to determine what's possible in terms of whole building performance and occupant experience.

The intent of the RESET™ Air Standard for Accredited Data Providers is to provide a structure to the way data is handled and delivered for RESET™ Air Projects. The RESET™ Air Building Standards, including RESET™ Air for Commercial Interiors and RESET™ Air for Core & Shell, both require data to be organized and transferred to the RESET™ Assessment Cloud consistently to become RESET™ Air Certified.

Solution Approach

Pittsburgh-headquartered Auros Group, with its AUROS360 Integrated Dashboard, is one of a few international companies enjoying the unique distinction of RESET Air Accredited Data Providers.

AUROS360 is a software platform that optimizes and tracks building performance by measuring energy use and indoor environmental quality. Auros Group, the owners and developers behind the data platform, estimates that project teams who utilize AUROS360, will see, on average, a 50% reduction in energy consumption, 40% reduced carbon emissions and a significant improvement in indoor, environmental quality, often with no increase in up-front costs. 

A connected service agreement is in place between AUROS Group and OSIsoft to allow the building data to be collected by PI System interfaces and sent back to a central PI System. The building is then able to access the data via the AUROS360 integrated dashboard.  


Solution Type

Data Collection


  • Data Center
  • Facilities
  • Government
  • Hospital & Medical

Business Impacts

Optimize Processes, Improve Energy Efficiencies


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