Building performance data and simulations are used to reach a building’s theoretical optimum potential


AUROS Group, based in Pittsburgh, PA, is a pioneer in the delivery of Evidence-based Performance for the built environment. We believe that prescriptive based approaches to building sustainability, while helpful, are not enough to support building owners and project teams. Project stakeholders expect buildings to operate as planned, while effectively returning on an owner’s investment. Our flagship product, AUROS360, exists to deliver performance in the forms of dramatically improved indoor air and environmental quality and Zero Energy new construction and/or building renovations.

AUROS360 uses technology in the form of digital twins and integrated performance dashboards, along with detailed cost estimating, to provide owners the tools to make financially sound decisions based on data from early conceptual design through operations. The first step for any owner is to have transparent access and control over current and historic building performance data.

Our pledge, as we challenge old paradigms and inspire project stakeholders in the commercial building industry, is to ensure all partners and collaborators are enabled to do their best work using AUROS360 tools and technologies. A holistic, data-driven approach to building performance is the key to scale aspirational sustainability goals for buildings, communities and cities.


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