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Applied SmartFactory® Rx advanced manufacturing software, enables pharma companies to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, quality and compliance from their plants and supply chain.



Applied SmartFactory® Rx™ software solutions provide a real-time, data-driven plant environment that senses factory activity, predicts performance, and prescribes effective actions. SmartFactory Rx improves visibility, drives quality, safety, yield and throughput, reduces cycle times and costs, and increases profitability.

Applied Materials is the leader in factory automation solutions for high volume semiconductor manufacturing plants worldwide. SmartFactory Rx, for pharmaceutical manufacturers, is powered by technologies that are customer-proven and widely deployed.

Seamless Integration with PI

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are overwhelmed by the volume of data generated in today’s plant environments. Because SmartFactory Rx software solutions are seamlessly integrated with the PI System, customers can utilize the data to answer business questions quickly and easily.

User-friendly features include an intuitive graphical drag & drop interface, which enables keyword search for PI tags and browser-based for keyword search with Asset Framework. SmartFactory Rx enables integration and context mapping for virtually any kind of data, including: MES, BES, ERP, CMMS, DCS, equipment, raw sensor, PAT Instruments, SQL and other databases. The open IIoT platform was designed for easy integration and interoperation by non-programmers with existing systems.

Powerful Analytics

The rise of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) requires a flexible approach and a platform dedicated to algorithm development. Pharmaceutical manufacturers want the ability to utilize existing algorithms and to develop new programs using 3rd party tools such as Python, MATLAB, R, and C#. SmartFactory Rx includes a powerful workflow designer that interacts directly with native and 3rd party applications. This capability allows teams to easily include PI data in real-time that provide powerful insights.



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