• The 7 Deadly Sins of Facility Energy Management

    Building operators and corporate real estate managers everywhere are now charged with moving their facilities toward ‘best practice’ levels of energy management and occupant engagement. The journey begins with understanding—you need to measure before you manage, make the invisible obvious, and generally walk before you run. Here are 7 modes of thinking and acting to avoid on your way to success.
    Year: 2015

    Mission Critical Data for Reliable Power in the Age of Renewables

    The rapid growth of renewable energy deployments on grids worldwide has profoundly changed the electric power value chain. Professionals at every link in that chain — from control room operators to generating fleet managers to regional transmission operators — face operational challenges that simply did not exist even a decade ago. With increased complexity and uncertainty, the strategic use of operational data is critical to navigating new challenges.
    Year: 2018

    IoT and Water: How Big Data is Transforming the Water Industry

    Rising power prices, new environmental regulations and budget constraints are prompting many utilities — and large industrial users of water — to start looking at the Internet of Things. By fine-tuning existing processes or leveraging predictive analytics, large water consumers are finding ways to reduce their costs and carbon footprint without major retrofits or new hardware investments. While water utilities and large water consumers have employed SCADA systems and automation for years to control their operations, this shift to digital analytics will mark a fundamental turning point in the industry. Water utilities will literally be able to accomplish more with less.
    Year: 2017

    Impacting the Bottom Line: 10 Real-world Examples of Oil & Gas Innovators Using Data for Economic Effect

    In a new era of heightened oil-price volatility, data and technology are crucial in helping operators cut costs and maximise value.
    Year: 2017

    In the Pressure Cooker: How Operational Data is Changing the Food & Beverage Industry

    Food and beverage manufacturers have it tough, and the pressure cooker is only getting hotter. Consumers want a sustainable food supply, government regulations are constantly changing and many brands are producing product with aging equipment and other older assets. On top of everything, manufacturers must guarantee utmost quality to maintain consumer confidence and uphold brand integrity, all while making a healthy margin. So how does the food and beverage industry juggle such a complicated and demanding ecosystem? The answer lies in data.
    Year: 2018