• Deploying for Success - 1


    Develop a strategic implementation plan that focuses on highest-priority initiatives.

    • Leverage the OSIsoft team of experienced engineers to realize the full potential of your PI System
    • Explore the advantages of the PI System data infrastructure to ensure continuous value – today and over time
    Deploying for Success - 2


    Follow OSIsoft best practices for your installation. They’re based on 15,000 successful PI System installations and 35 years of listening and responding to our customers.

    • Draw on 1st-class OSIsoft Field Service Engineers, on-site and remotely, for help with prerequisites, configuration, installation, testing and reporting
    • Organize assets for detailed analysis at asset and event levels
    • Access a full suite of out-of-the-box connections to easily connect to any data source
    Deploying for Success - 4

    Gain insights

    Uncover valuable insights for real-time decision-making, best practices and continuous improvement.

    • Deliver contextualized, high-fidelity data from disparate sources to people across the organization – anytime, anywhere, from any device
    • Achieve centralized, end-to-end visibility
    • Reduce IT complexity
    • Lower costs in critical operational areas
    • Compare past trends with current operations to assess deviations and patterns
    • Move from asset to process to operational intelligence