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    PI Cloud Connect

    PI Cloud Connect is a Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering managed by OSIsoft that allows you to share data between PI Systems.

  • PI Cloud Connect: Exchange data between PI Systems

    PI Cloud Connect makes it easy to share data between PI Systems - both inside and outside your enterprise. You can publish data and grant access to other PI Cloud Connect users so that they can subscribe to that data. PI Cloud Connect secures and brokers communication between the publisher and subscriber, even when they are outside your organization.

  • Sharing data within your company

    If you have a central PI System installed at your head office, and other PI System instances deployed at operations' sites, you probably want to have a centralized view of your operations and make site-to-site comparisons. With PI Cloud Connect, sites that monitor assets and collect time series data can publish their data so that your head office can subscribe to it.

    Cloud-based Data Sharing at Rolls-Royce

  • Strategic Power Systems Leverage PI Cloud Connect

    Sharing data with other corporations

    In many situations, all partners in a business collaboration - such as joint ventures, contract manufacturers, expert service providers, and operations and maintenance companies - need access to production data. When all partners have access to time series production data, each of them can plan ahead for equipment maintenance or scheduling the delivering of critical components.

    PI Cloud Connect provides all parties a secure way of sharing data between their respective PI Systems without having to deploy point-to-point VPNs in multiple scenarios:

    • In a joint venture - even though only one company usually operates the assets - all partners need access to the production data
    • To deliver the best service possible, partners and vendors who supply raw materials, equipment or expertise need access to the time series data collected at the operations sites
    • Contract manufacturers, who manufacture products on behalf of other companies, need to expose the operation and quality data to those companies
    • Operations and Maintenance companies (O&M), Service Providers (SP), and Performance Analytic Vendors (PAV) also need access to the time series data on site to provide expert knowledge about the efficiency and health of equipment such as pumps, compressors, generators or other components or additives that are critical to a certain process
  • PI Cloud Connect offers many advantages:

    • Solution maintained and managed by OSIsoft with minimal On-premises footprint
    • Scalable and reliable solution based on Microsoft Azure
    • Configuration and monitoring accessible through a Web-based portal
    • Secure data sharing without requiring Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
    • Seamless and simultaneous transfer of time series data and meta-data from your PI AF structures, this allows asset models in the PI System to be transferred.
    • Publish/subscribe architecture that supports one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many data exchanges, which advantageously replaces point-to-point connections


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