• Power and Utilities

    Power & Utilities

    Over 1,000 of the world’s leading Power & Utilities companies​ use the PI System

    The P&U industry is being pulled in many different directions. You're asked to expand service while reducing costs. Expand the role of renewables but achieve 100% reliability. Comply with increasingly strict industry and still compete successfully in the marketplace.

    The solution? For the majority of ISOs and RTOs in the U.S - plus 17 of the top 20 wind generation companies worldwide - it's the integration of enterprise-wide sensor-based real-time data, made possible by the PI System™.

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  • Industry Insights
    OSIsoft’s PI System™ gives engineers and grid operators real-time insight into operations to reduce cost, improve safety and reliability, and enable data-based decisions for long-term strategic success.


    Asset Performance

    AGL saved 18.7 million AUD in 3 years and avoided a $50 million shutdown

    Australian Gas Light Energy (AGL) wanted everyone across the organization to have access to real-time data, so they could be empowered to make changes that would benefit the bottom line. “What came along was a solution that really fit what we needed, and that was PI. It could connect to any one of our controllers. We could harvest every piece of real time data and make it available to every person at AGL,” said Bartolo.​


    Condition-Based Maintenance

    Scrubgrass saved $160,000 in one week through load forecasting​

    When your business model is exquisitely sensitive to a changing environment, an investment in real-time data can make the difference between survival and shutdown. That was the case for the Scrubgrass Generating Plant, a 35-employee, 85-megawatt waste-coal-fired power plant in Kennerdell, Pennsylvania. In the last few years, Scrubgrass has used OSIsoft data systems to overcome new market challenges that ​have already shuttered similar plants.​


    “The PI System, which enables the collection, storage and the visualization of enormous amounts of data, is an essential data management system for our solution.”​
    -Tadahiro Nakazawa, Manager, Technology Development Group, Thermal Power Division, Kansai Electric


    Asset Health

    Elia deployed an asset-monitoring solution for CMB to optimize asset performance and longevity

    As the Belgian electricity transmission system operator, Elia is continuously improving its asset management strategies in order to cope with the changes in the environmental, legal, financial and technological landscape. One of the enablers is the choice to speed up the evolution from classical time-based asset management to condition-based asset management, making use of the digitalization trend.


    Dynamic Line Rating

    Energy Queensland demonstrated potential asset utilization Improvements of over 20%

    A new energy market is demanding a new approach to managing power. Making the most efficient use of the grid's full capacity requires intelligent and dynamic data analysis. Energy Queensland is now using the PI System™ to bring together real-time data on grid infrastructure, weather, and geographic features and to create dynamic ratings for lines in the network, which engineers can use to manage power flows more economically.


    “I use the CMS system daily to monitor the state of our assets. Two detected transformer faults have already paid back the time and money used.”
    — Juha Mertanen, Adviser, Grid Management, Fingrid

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    Partner Highlights


    Williams Energy

    Power & Utilities

    By using Process PluginTM with the calculation engine residing in the PI Asset Framework (PI AF), engineers at Williams Energy are now able to not only see all of the formulations but also modify them as needed. Process Plugins leverages all of the PI System's visualization technologies, allowing Williams Energy to maximize their PI System investment. PI Notifications is used to alert users of asset condition and performance anomalies based on the automated real-time calculations, providing an "extra set of eyes" on the process.