• Metals, Mining, and Metallurgy

    Metals, Mining & Metallurgy

    A holistic solution for a complex industry

    How are today's metals and mining industries meeting the increasingly complex demands of lower-grade ores, material complexity and tightening regulatory compliance, as well as growing pressures on resources, energy and transportation? The leading mining, mineral processing, metallurgical processing and product manufacturing companies are turning to the PI System™ to help them reduce operational costs, improve asset health, safety, energy efficiency, OEE and ROA 

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    Metals, Mining & Metallurgy 

    Number 1


    Control escalating resource and extraction costs.


    Streamline recovery processes, and energy and water consumption. The PI System enables increased mineral recovery by integrating data from your full production chain – from mining blocks plans to comminution processes and concentration to the delivery of mineral concentrate. The PI System also supports more effective energy and water consumption strategies by providing in real time the data needed to monitor your granular usage metrics per ton of ore mined.

    Number 2


    Maintain product quality while reducing plant floor costs.


    By integrating dissimilar sets of data and events, the PI System helps your people discover critical insights to elevate product quality, and it streamlines operations. For example, the PI System monitors processes and sends alerts on out-of-spec conditions while enabling the integration of lab and operational data to help you understand the impact of the deviation. In addition, plant floor energy consumption can be reduced by detecting process changes that cause energy consumption to exceed forecasted consumption. Finally, you can analyze consumption during peak demand periods to optimize energy utilization to meet peak demands, schedule demand, idle state and demand/response management.

    Deliver the Right Data An integrated data foundation strategy

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    Deliver the Right Data


    Alcoa Primary Metals
    Metals, Mining & Metallurgy

    PI System information infrastructure as a foundation for continuous operations improvements.


    Barrick Gold
    Metals, Mining & Metallurgy

    Leveraging an information infrastructure to manage corporate mandates at Barrick Gold
    Partner Highlights


    Anglo American Platinum

    Metals & Mining

    As part Anglo American Platinum process monitoring and improvement the Metallurgists have Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that they monitor on a daily basis and the old system needed a redesign. A fundamental architecture and product stack review was done with OSIsoft in conjunction with Microsoft and a new system was designed to give more flexibility, to improve maintainability and scalability and to promote user participation/ maintenance.