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    Data Centers & IT

    Visualize data to manage resources and costs

    Due to the fluctuating demands of energy- and resource-intensive data centers, IT organizations struggle daily to manage operational costs. The PI System™ delivers the visibility, calculations and validation necessary to optimize energy and asset usage, and lower operating costs. It does this by proactively monitoring energy consumption, identifying and analyzing events, automating real-time alerts and calculating optimal energy and heat usage on a per-asset level.

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    Data Centers & IT 

    Number 1


    Reduce energy usage and costs.


    With easy-to-use PI System visualization tools, facility managers can quickly uncover the causes of energy waste and activate simple energy- saving strategies:

    • Identify and correct expensive faults before they impact the energy bill
    • Discover root causes for errors in water or power billing
    • Anticipate demand and efficiency losses
    • Find and repair sources of simultaneous heating and cooling
    • Manage power use (PUE), carbon footprint (CUE) and water consumption (WUE) in real time

    Number 2


    Meet increasing corporate and government environmental compliance requirements while controlling spiraling maintenance costs.


    By integrating all data and systems – including Building Automation Systems (BAS) – and replacing calendar-based maintenance with continuous, centralized monitoring and evaluation, the PI System:

    • creates asset visibility
    • lowers maintenance costs
    • increases energy savings
    • automates required sustainability and compliance reports
    • resolves most issues from the command center, eliminating the need for an on-site visit

    Number 3


    Oversee demand response or microgrid implementation when enterprise, campus or critical facilities are not integrated with local utilities.


    The PI System supports security and reliability by integrating time-series and geospatial data to provide deep, system-wide situational awareness, performance visualization and status information. It can also triage unplanned events like:

    • power outages
    • water leaks
    • equipment downtime
    • accidents
    • environmental challenges, including storms, earthquakes and floods


    Energy Metrics Data Centers & IT

    Providing visibility into real estate, telecommunications, financial and data center asset portfolios.
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    Ebay and DELL

    Data Centers & IT

    eBay and DELL describe how they address several key business issues by jointly working with OSIsoft, leveraging the OSIsoft Enterprise Agreement, and combining OSIsoft technology with partners as catalysts for innovation. The presenters describe how they address the needs of the hyper-scale, hyper-performance, and super-dense IT market, and the crucial role that OSIsoft plays in their businesses.