• Industry Solutions

    Industry Solutions

    Why the world’s largest and most complex industries choose OSIsoft.

    To tackle their toughest challenges today and maintain a leadership position tomorrow, major corporations in the world's leading industries turn to OSIsoft. Companies like Marathon Oil, Siemens, DuPont and Heineken deploy our PI System because it's the information infrastructure that every  organization can leverage - from analytics to visualization to reporting. 

    The operational intelligence that results leads directly to more cost-effective production, greater enterprise efficiency and predictive control - exactly what's needed to address such enormous challenges as:

    • skyrocketing energy and operational costs
    • the staggering complexity of compliance and regulation
    • an explosion of data without context
    • the pressure of global marketplace competition
  • Oil & Gas

    Staying competitive in the face of growing demands

    Deploy the PI System and you join a group that includes the world's top ten producers of oil & gas. They rely on our real-time data infrastructure because it's proven to take on your greatest challenges. Like escalating compliance and regulation requirements. Plus the need to infuse value into every part of the supply chain.

    • Lower well costs by accelerating the rate of drilling and completions
    • Reduce lifting costs and improve product management
    • Minimize unplanned shutdowns and production loss
    • Prevent events that can lead to loss of production or containment or cause reservoir damage
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    Power & Utilities

    Tackling a major new challenge - renewable energy management

    The introduction of renewable energy sources means you have to manage generation sources as a fleet. And monitor for performance degradation for equipment in continuous use. Ranked Number One in the power industry, OSIsoft gives you the sensor-based and scalable infrastructure to integrate real-time production data with business systems data so you can:

    • maximize asset performance and production
    • comply with environment monitoring requirements in both manned and unmanned stations hundreds of miles away
    • enable the Smart Grid
    • mitigate risk
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    Chemicals & Petrochemicals

    Why 40 of the top 50 companies rely on the PI System infrastructure

    Energy and raw materials are your industry's largest expense, and finding better ways to control those costs is key to your overall profitability. Companies like Dow Corning and BlueStar are using the knowledge they gain from their PI System data infrastructure to find new efficiencies and make smarter decisions as well as:

    • mitigate risk
    • achieve regulatory compliance
    • manage the complexity of the global supply chain
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    Metals, Mining & Metallurgy

    In a resource-intensive industry, there's a need for greater productivity

    Energy, water, raw materials and transportation costs are on the rise. Plants are in remote locations. Meeting regulatory and environmental requirements are a must. MMM companies have vast amounts of diverse information and an urgent need to integrate and share it with operations, engineering, business and suppliers. If done right, management of this data changes from a challenge to becoming an asset. That's why so many MMM companies use the PI System as a foundation.

    Expensive assets, costly resources, unsafe waste - the PI System helps companies look for efficiencies and leverage environmental resources.

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    Water Utilities

    Time for action: addressing resilience, efficiency, and sustainability

    Over 150 water utilities around the world use the PI System to manage the water lifecycle from source to tap and back to the environment for hundreds of millions of people. The value chain of water to address the demands of safe drinking water, compliant wastewater treatment, irrigation, and industrial use in real-time include:

    • Reducing energy costs
    • Reducing leaks and sewer overflows
    • Predictive asset management
    • Using smart meters/sensors for efficiency and water quality
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    An industry at an inflection point

    Multiple factors are converging for your industry - competition, price controls, globalization, biosimilars, technology shifts, batch reporting, the need for accelerating time to market. It's a challenge made for the PI System, the information infrastructure that supports efficiencies like shop floor automation, integrated systems and reduced resource use.

    PI System operational intelligence - and the superior customer support and commitment of OSIsoft - have led 14 of the 15 largest pharma companies to become and remain our customers, including Amgen, Bayer, Merck, Allergen, Johnson & Johnson and Roche.

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    Pulp & Paper

    Becoming more sustainable in a pressure-cooker industry

    Few industries are as fiercely competitive or capital-intensive as Pulp & Paper. Which is why nine out of ten of the industry's largest companies - like Kimberly-Clarke and Sappi - depend on the PI System's uninterrupted real-time data to identify cost-saving opportunities, meet sustainability goals and build profitability through:

    • decreased energy and water usage
    • increased production
    • improved real-time monitoring across the value and supply chain
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    Public Sector & Federal

    Real-time Data insights for improved decisions

    America's city, state and federal government agencies are being asked to do more with less - while maintaining the highest standards of public service in health, safety, power, transportation and education. A key to success is having access to data, allowing for immediate situational analysis to support the right decisions in real time. Benefits include:

    • incisive situational analysis of your most critical assets
    • energy optimization and use of smart resources
    • mitigation of risk and adherence to compliance mandates
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    Data Centers & IT

    Microsoft and Cisco look for new ways to save energy.

    The information technology industry is developing major initiatives to become more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. The PI System is providing the highly sophisticated real time energy metrics calculations and asset-based maintenance to make it happen for Microsoft, Cisco, the U.S. Army and more.

    Other benefits accrue as well:

    • Improved capacity planning and management
    • Reduced IT and facilities costs
    • Centralized data management (dashboards)
    • Shift to proactive maintenance
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    Facilities / Energy Management

    Enabling smarter facilities, campuses, and cities

    Studies show that 40-50% of energy is consumed by buildings and 20-30% of that energy is wasted. Factories, campuses, airports, data centers, military bases, and others are struggling with energy management, asset monitoring, and data overload. The PI System can collect all of your data - HVAC, CHP, meters, elevators, etc. - and turn it into actionable information.

    • Reduce energy, improve maintenance costs
    • Real-time issue detection, configurable dashboards, and flexible reporting
    • Stay in control of your data, avoid vendor lock-in
    • Easy integration to other business systems - configuration not coding
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