• Connected Services

    Connected Services

    Transform your aftermarket services - and your business

    As industrial machines become sensor-based and more complex, businesses are turning to outsourced service providers to manage asset health, optimize processes and control quality.  

    As a service provider, Connected Services lets you answer this growing customer need and:

    • streamline your cost of service
    • create valuable revenue streams for your business
    • provide a unique service to gain competitive advantage

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  • Overview

    Connected Services enables service providers to remotely access data from customer assets using the PI System, a real-time data, infrastructure that collects sensor based data from many different sources. It stores that data in a secure, central location where experts can visualize, analyze and share it.

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    With Connected Services you can offer your customers many data analysis capabilities from the PI System in a highly customized format. You can identify problems in real-time, avoid unplanned downtime and prevent critical failures. Your customers will be able to reduce operating costs, optimize operating costs and extend the life of the equipment.

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    How it Works

    A Connected Services agreement consists of a flexible architecture -- using the PI System via a secure network. The PI System works in conjunction with your computing, storage and networking resources to form the remote management and diagnostic center, which can be located in a data center or in the cloud. It is based on a “pay as you grow” model.

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    Explore the Connected Services resource page to easily find information in one location in the format you prefer. You’ll find customer stories and videos, FAQ, webinars, brochures, infographics and more. You’ll also find resources that provide insight into the PI System.

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