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    Create new business opportunities within the Cloud

  • Cloud Services for Vendors & Service Providers

    With OSIsoft Cloud Services, customers can share operations data with you so you have real-time visibility into remote assets and processes to determine if assets and systems are performing as expected.

    Create and share views of data with your customers

    OSIsoft Cloud Services will centralize where you manage and provide your customers' access to data sets that show real-time KPIs and other key metrics that are a part of your unique solution.

    Expand your business while optimizing costs

    OSIsoft Cloud Services is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) so you can scale your business without adding additional IT infrastructure and resources.

    Managed and kept up-to-date by OSIsoft

    Our scalable and reliable cloud service offering is built on Microsoft Azure and is completely maintained and managed by OSIsoft. You don't need to worry about installing, monitoring, or updating the system.

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