• Increase Asset Health

    Increase Asset Health & Uptime

    Move from maintenance to prevention and predictability

    Optimizing asset health, minimizing asset failures and understanding optimal maintenance programs are critical to reducing operation costs. The PI System's™ sensor-based data infrastructure delivers the data companies need to gain real-time, historical and predictive insights into asset health and maintenance needs.


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  • With the PI System in place, organizations can move beyond calendar and use-based asset maintenance - a costly practice that doesn't take into account the reliability and health of the asset. Through data-driven insights, maintenance engineers can see exactly which assets are critical and understand the health of each asset in real time, and compare its current condition to historical performance.

    Through asset intelligence, organizations reduce downtime, failure and production loss with preventive maintenance, longer equipment life and predictable expenditures - efficiencies that can transform operational costs.


    BAE Systems


    Learn how the British defense firm BAE Systems is proving that taking data analysis and machine learning to the sea can yield powerful results. Using a broad array of sensor and environmental data, the SEA-CORES system can deliver insights into the effects of weather and maintenance on asset conditions which can dramatically reduce costs. 

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    Power & Utilities

    Discover how PowerStream leverage visualization tools and real time data to prevent micro grid failures caused by transformer failures, saving them significant penalties and costs. PowerStream plans to utilize the PI System to continue monitoring asset conditions and taking preventative measures which could lead to major savings.


    Harvard Medical School


    Learn how Harvard Medical School uses PI Data to maximize reliability, optimize operation and maintenance for 250+ critical air handling units in their research facilities. 

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