• Connected Services

    Enhance Aftermarket Services

    Deepen collaboration and grow revenue

    Equipment manufacturers, O&M vendors and businesses that provide ongoing client services are sharing data insights with customers by leveraging the PI System through OSIsoft Connected Services.

    With Connected Services, you remotely and continuously access and monitor your customers' data, and help them improve the design, operation and maintenance of their products and assets - while creating new business value and improving revenue streams for your own company.

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  • Many companies are leveraging the value of their PI Systems deployment - and transforming their businesses - by taking advantage of Connected Services' many benefits:

    • A subscription-based “pay as you grow” payment structure, Connected Services is both flexible and scalable, allowing you to pay over time from your operating budget - instead of all at once from your capital budget
    • Service-providing companies can substantially reduce the need for customer service calls, increasing productivity and allowing more time for sales, business development and R&D
    • Collaboration can expand beyond provider and customer to include joint venture partners, suppliers, contract manufacturers and regulators, and all data sharing is at the discretion of the customer
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    Real-time Sensor Data

    Evolving data sharing capabilities

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    Power & Utilities

    Learn how PKN Orlen continuously creates process improvement projects like optimizing water distribution networks and minimizing leaks using the PI System to reduce costs and increase profits. 

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    Bharat Light and Power

    Power & Utilities

    Renewable energy facilities have unique issues -gaining visibility into remote assets and planning the amount of energy they can generate are hard. See how Bharat Light and Power has used the PI System to create predictive intelligence

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