• Business Solutions

    Business Solutions

    “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

      - W. Edwards Deming


    High-fidelity, high-velocity sensor-data measurement - the kind made possible by the PI System™ open infrastructure - is revolutionizing industries, businesses and our world. The connection of sensor-based time-series data across assets, systems, plants, operations and the supply chain can guide your company's journey to operational intelligence and total business transformation.


  • Optimize Processes

    Data-driven efficiency insights

    Organizations like yours face escalating demands to drive greater efficiency into their processes. To eliminate downtime and slowdowns. And to mitigate risk and prevent failure. Meeting the efficiency challenge requires a clear understanding of existing process inputs and outputs, as well as how changes will affect those processes. Only then can you identify opportunities for improvements that lead to optimal throughput. 

    With the PI System, you can capture, aggregate, share, visualize and analyze asset and process data across the organization for historical and predictive insights that lead to process improvements.

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    Elevate Quality

    Invaluable insights, rapid response

    The ability to deliver high-quality production and services can drive a company's success. Optimizing quality requires a full understanding of production systems and processes, an understanding achieved only through aggregated and integrated data. It takes data to answer why deviations occur or what impact a change may deliver.

    Using the PI System, your organizations can monitor quality in real time, identify events that may impact quality and respond rapidly to mitigate the impact. And by leveraging historical data from multiple systems, processes or batches, you also can mine and analyze exactly what impacts quality and make adjustments accordingly. 

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    Increase Asset Health & Uptime

    The road to ROA

    For organizations currently using traditional calendar-based or utilization-based maintenance schedules, moving to a smart maintenance paradigm presents a major opportunity. By basing maintenance schedules on need and asset health instead of time and usage, smart maintenance minimizes failures and reduces costs.

    With its ability to access sensor-based asset data, the PI System enables organizations to transform from a traditional maintenance approach to one that's data-driven. By leveraging historical data maintenance, engineers can more accurately predict when an asset is going to fail and schedule maintenance before it happens. Similarly, engineers can see in real time when an asset needs an adjustment and schedule resources appropriately. 

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    Improve Energy Efficiency

    Empowered for better power use

    Energy utilization can be one of the most expensive components of any operation. Small changes in efficiency and utilization can lead to large changes in costs. In addition, many companies strive to meet the new international guidelines of ISO 15001, established to help organizations worldwide reduce energy usage and accrue cost savings in the process.

    The PI System empowers engineers and operators with energy utilization data from assets, systems and operations across the operation. Data that provide historical and current insight are some of the most powerful tools in improving energy utilization. They allow people to see exactly where and when energy is being consumed and then take the right steps to moderate usage.

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    Manage Risk & Regulatory Compliance

    From manual to digital tracking and reporting

    Complying with complex regulations of key agencies can be a serious drain on time and resources. Compounding the problem are the consequences of mistakes or errors - often the result of manual date collection or disparate systems - such as expensive fines and potential delays.

    With the PI System, centralization of historical and real-time data enables rapid and timely reporting that avoids error-prone manual data collection - dramatically reducing time and cost expenditures. The end result is consistent, accurate and compliant tracking and regulatory reporting.

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    Advance Safety Performance

    The power of prevention

    As health, safety and environmental regulations grow stronger - and budgets tighter - finding cost-effective new ways to predict and prevent safety events is paramount. 

    With PI System high-fidelity data aggregation and visualization, your past and current system data become an indispensable information source for revealing potential safety-related problems and hazards before they happen - and the basis for designing preventive measures and shutdown controls into your system. 

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    Enhance After-market Services

    Drive service excellence while minimizing upfront costs

    Companies with industrial machines are relying more and more on outsourced expertise to manage asset health, process optimization and quality control. If your company is an industrial service provider, OSIsoft Connected Services can help you enhance customer support - and increase revenue - with a scalable data infrastructure that accesses sensor-based, time series data at your customers' own facilities.

    Connected Services uses a subscription-based model. So you pay for access incrementally from your operating budget vs. paying for access all up front from your capital budget. The result - you and your customers immediately receive all the benefits of PI System deployment while your costs are spread out over time. 

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