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    PI Integrator for Business Analytics

    Prevent data preparation from hindering your data science experiments

  • Sensor data or time-series data is not naturally aligned and can arrive out of order, just some of its attributes complicating the data preparation process and stalling data science experiments. The PI Integrator for Business Analytics eliminates this data preparation burden and natively integrates data stored in the PI System with platforms where data science experiments can be run, like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or Hadoop, and business intelligence tools where complex correlations can be found.

  • Get Your Data Analysis-Ready in Minutes

    See how easy it is to extract your PI System data into the tools you already own with this PI Integrator for Business Analytics asset analysis demo.

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  • “It [the PI System] is the one application that spans the IT and OT domains.

    Nick Burkinshaw, Operations Manager, Thames Water

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  • Accelerate Your IIoT Strategies

    Discover how you can accelerate your digital transformation and IIoT strategies by leveraging the PI Integrator for Business Analytics.

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  • “...not only can save time in just moving to the next step in fermentation. You can actually save time in the future steps of fermentation…”

    Brian Faivre, Brewmaster of Operation, Deschutes Brewery

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  • Get Started Using the PI Integrator for Business Analytics

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to bring the power of BI tools to your PI System, what it can do for you, and how you can get started.

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  • See PI Integrator for Business Analytics Demo Using TIBCO® Spotfire®

    This demo illustrates how you can build large, complex data sets with a simple drag and drop user interface.

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