AUROS360 Integrated Dashboard

by AUROS Group

The AUROS360™ Integrated Dashboard uniquely displays trended data and simulated data to demonstrate proof of performance

Solution Overview

The benefits of a whole-building energy model used during operations cannot be overstated. Interrogation-based commissioning and monitoring-based commissioning capabilities have the potential to capture multiple benefits of energy efficiency and to scale the practice of designing and delivering high-performance buildings. We define “interrogation-based commissioning” as comparing digital simulation to trended performance for the purpose of clarifying and narrowing gaps in performance for all forms of energy and indoor environmental quality. Performance dashboards capable of interrogation-based commissioning are ones that integrate predicted building performance metrics with trended building performance.

Interrogation-based commissioning services using sustainability dashboards are a cost-effective extension of technology that identifies the causes of performance gaps in energy consumption and indoor air quality. Once the integrated sustainability dashboard is implemented, building owners can oversee and manage dozens of integration-based simulations to identify likely root causes of gaps in performance. The results of each simulation can be easily viewed on the integrated sustainability dashboard against performance trends.

Monitoring-based commissioning services allow decision makers to import, manage, and analyze building trended data and operational whole-building model simulations in one digital platform. Actual consumption data is compared to the simulation model to enhance building performance. One of two outcomes will result: either buildings will close their performance gaps, or the operational whole-building model simulation will calibrate to the results of the building. Both outcomes work to the benefit of the building owner and project stakeholders. 

Solution Approach

The most recent breakthrough in data analysis for the built environment is that it’s now possible to embed dynamic simulated-performance targets next to trended performance. We call this an integrated sustainability dashboard. Simulated targets from an operational energy model, are displayed next to trended performance from the actual performance of the building. This integration provides transparency in addressing “How was the building originally designed to perform?” and “What will performance look like if we invest in building improvements?” The norm today is to wait for twelve months of recorded, trended performance to determine the success or failure of previous energy-conservation measures. Using an integrated sustainability dashboard, it’s possible to know immediately if the measures taken have delivered the expected results. Building owners have data to answer the question “Am I winning or losing?”

A connected service agreement is in place between AUROS Group and OSIsoft to allow the building data to be collected by PI System interfaces and sent back to a central PI System. The building is then able to access the data via the dashboard.  


Solution Type

Energy Management, Environmental Compliance


  • Data Center
  • Facilities
  • Government
  • Hospital & Medical

Business Impacts

Optimize Processes, Improve Energy Efficiencies


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