Single Pane of Glass Solution

by The RoviSys Company

Enjoy a consolidated single view of your facility’s diverse systems with Single Pane of Glass Solution by RoviSys.

Solution Overview

Getting the most critical and actionable information from your facility’s monitoring systems just got smarter. The Single Pane of Glass solution by RoviSys lets you monitor data from disparate systems, run analytics, then spotlight selected information to serve the individual needs of users. Initially inspired by the needs of data center facilities, the Single Pane of Glass solution is now applicable to any industry. These Coresight driven dashboards for utilities, mechanical and facility systems are further enriched with RoviSys-designed custom widgets. Dashboards are designed for the unique preferences of everyone from the CEO to the facility and maintenance groups. Using this solution feels intuitive and encourages achievement of pre-set performance goals.

You don’t want to become alienated from your data, nor a slave to it. This streamlined solution turns data into intelligence, saves time, generates efficiencies, and improves accuracy of decisions. This solution is especially welcomed by facility managers who want a complete visual of real-time energy usage. Functioning as a Monitor of Monitors (MoM) means you’ll have access to essential information from disparate systems to visualize the status of your facility. Thus, eliminating the need to access multiple systems individually to get information. MoM provides alarming that users will act against. No more ignoring alarm system emails due to too many nuisance alarms. Dashboards provide key KPI’s for every user from the CEO to facility and maintenance groups. These include comprehensive visualizations of energy and/or production usage and costs at your fingertips for informed decision making. Benefits also include the ability to track the capacity of the facility’s electric, cooling and compute space; intelligence that enables real-time condition based maintenance; assistance with identifying the utilization of the assets.

Solution Approach

The RoviSys Single Pane of Glass solution is built on the OSIsoft PI System. The PI System is configured to connect to the facility’s disparate systems (BMS, EPMS, DCIM, Fire Alarm, Security etc) using standard interface protocols such as BACnet, ModBus, SNMP, DNP, Web Services etc. Each system or device will be assigned to a RoviSys modeled template. The templates contain the attributes that are being collected along with analytics that are designed for each device type. Templates allow for easy reuse and if a template is updated with additional analytics it can be rolled out to all preexisting devices. The device templates are coupled with the visualization dashboards using Coresight and RoviSys developed Coresight widgets. The visualization is made up of dashboards for each level of the business and to specific roles within the organization. Alarming is configured not to mimic the systems that are being monitored, but instead as a Monitor of Monitors (MoM). Only alarms that require action by the user will be configured in the system. Offers an open data model – easy accessibility to the information, you do not have to deal with proprietary system issues and scalability is unlimited.


PI System Requirements

Solution powered by OSIsoft PI System

Solution Type

Energy Management, Data Center Infrastructure Management


  • Data Center
  • Facilities

Business Impacts

Improve Energy Efficiencies


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