Seeq Workbench

by Seeq Corporation

Faster data investigation and discovery for engineers with the OSIsoft PI System

Solution Overview

The tremendous gap between data and insight is well recognized in process manufacturing organizations. And the situation is only getting worse as new sensors and systems create ever more data, while the number of employees with the expertise to investigate and discover insights in process data is shrinking. The result is that opportunities for improved business results — in yield, margins, quality, and safety — are being missed every day. It is simply too hard, and takes too long, for engineers to find insights in production data using Excel, where 80% of project time is spent collecting, cleansing, and adding context to sensor data. Seeq accelerates the investigation of PI System data by enabling process engineers and analysts with expertise in assets, processes, and systems to more quickly discover insights.

With Seeq, customers get even more value from their PI System. Hours of manual data manipulation and reporting tasks may be reduced to just minutes in Seeq leaving more time for investigations and discovery that improve bottom line results. Further, Seeq is an interactive, visual, application for process engineers which requires no additional data science or programming skills, so it is easy for existing employees to learn and use. Examples of Seeq’s impact on business results include top line revenue increases in renewable energy, cost savings in raw materials in power generation, predictive analytics for asset availability in chemical plants, and optimized batch results in pharmaceuticals.

Solution Approach

Seeq represents a new generation of software for the investigation and analysis of production data sets. It redefines every step of the user experience from installation to insight to reporting. Seeq installs easily on a workstation, server, server cluster, or in the cloud. Seeq integrates easily with PI System servers, from one to many, and with tag counts from one to twenty million. Visualization, investigation, and wrangling of time series data is made easy, and colleagues across geographies can share screens in real time from any modern browser. Further Seeq enables context by integrating with batch, MES, ERP, EAM, SQL Server, .CSV files, and cloud IoT platforms. And Seeq includes both a scripting language for complex calculations as well as a fully documented REST API with access from Java, Python, and C#. Asset Framework models are supported in Seeq and, at the conclusion of a report or investigation, Seeq worksheets may be exported to OSIsoft PI Coresight, Microsoft Excel, or Power BI for distribution and visualization. Finally, Seeq is easy on IT departments as it does not move or replicate data stored in the PI System and supports Microsoft Active Directory. Tutorials, online support, and updates to Seeq are all included in the subscription cost.



  • Advanced trending & analytics application for engineers
  • Data integration with MS-SQL, MES & Batch systems, etc


  • Easy integration to PI System & Asset Framework (AF)
  • May be deployed on-premise, cloud, and hybrid scenarios

PI System Requirements

PI System, PSA Server, Modern browser for Seeq Workbench, 8-core Windows Server for Seeq Server

Solution Type

Advanced Analytics


  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Mining, Metallurgy & Material
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Facilities
  • Food & Beverages

Business Impacts

Optimize Processes, Evaluate Quality


Applications for the PI System