Livepoint X

by TQS Integration Ltd

An Enterprise Ready, Scalable Application Platform and Self Service Dash boarding in one. For real-time data Visualization and Data Analysis on any Device.

Solution Overview

Livepoint provides not just a dash-boarding platform but also a rich collection of out of the box applications including Energy Monitoring, Alarm Management, Continuous Process Verification, Batch Schedule Analysis, Advanced Batch Analysis, IT Monitoring and MES Data Analysis. Livepoint provides key industry specific applications on a plug and play basis providing our customers with instant cost savings and instant access to what is really happening in there plants. Working side by side with the power of the OSIsoft PI System and Asset Framework while having the capability to connect to a multitude of other systems Livepoint delivers data to users from management to operator in an easy to use manner on any device.

Livepoint's rich array of out-of-the-box applications solve industry needs and requirements delivering immediate daily time savings, identifying problems and delivering cost savings. Livepoint provides a platform-independent tool for visualization of data. Customers need not worry about browser capabilities, installation or maintenance of desktop applications. Livepoint comes with a rich set of controls which empowers the user with the trust to create complex data monitoring dashboards to their own specific requirements. The Livepoint platform provides a highly secure mechanism for corporate data analysis. Certificate based TSL/SSL communication gives our customer the assurance that their critical business and manufacturing data is presented to them with the security and integrity. Livepoint fully utilizes the OSIsoft Asset Framework and Event Framework technology to enable global data visualization solutions, process improvements and savings via batch and real-time data analysis for companies with sites across the globe. As well as providing customers with the option to build their own Livepoint dashboards TQS offers the services to build custom applications on Livepoint. TQS provides pre-configured Livepoint modules based on key industry requirements identified through extensive industry experience.

Solution Approach

Data visualization and analysis; especially batch analysis, are critical parts of businesses in all industries; companies spend a great amount of resources to implement an in-house solution for data. Livepoint provides an out-of-the-box platform for building data monitoring infrastructure without having to worry about security, scalability and underlying mechanisms for enabling the important process of data monitoring and analysis. From manufacturing plant operators to business executives, the Livepoint platform allows for real-time data visualization and historical data representation and analysis from any web enabled computer. Livepoint introduces a true on-demand data visualization system with advanced functionality such as data overlay, complete batch analysis/comparison, and genealogy trees, as opposed to interval-based image generated solutions. Livepoint provides a platform-independent tool for visualization of data. Customers need not worry about browser compatibilities, installation or maintenance of desktop applications. Just point any web browser to a pre-configured URL and the full-featured client is ready to be used. In addition, the Livepoint client can be integrated with numerous applications, including Microsoft Office, PI ProcessBook, and PI Vision, along with other applications which are capable of running ActiveX technology. Livepoint provides end-to-end data encryption using the standards defined by IFTF, Certificate based TLS/SSL communication gives our customers the assurance that their critical business and manufacturing data is presented to them with security and integrity.



  • Alarm Managment
  • Continuous Process Verification
  • Batch Schedule Analysis
  • Energy and Utilities


  • Cost Saving
  • Regulatory Compliance

PI System Requirements

PI System version 3.4.390 or later, PI System Access (PSA)

Solution Type

Advanced Analytics, Asset Management, Data Aggregation, Data Collection, Data Validation, Energy Management, Event/Batch Analysis, OEE, Process Optimization, Visualization


  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Mining, Metallurgy & Material
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Data Center
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Engineering Services
  • Facilities
  • Food & Beverages
  • Government
  • Hospital & Medical
  • Information Technology

Business Impacts

Optimize Processes, Evaluate Quality, Increase Asset Health & Uptime, Improve Energy Efficiencies, Manage Risk & Regulatory, Advance Safety Performances, Security


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