Facility Analytics

by The RoviSys Company

Align utility consumption with major facility assets!

Solution Overview

RoviSys’ facility analytics offering puts metering on the main incoming utility feeds to your building, leverages your existing BMS, allows facility owners & managers to do base level utility monitoring on their facility, and empowers users to begin aligning utility usage with BMS assets. All facility meter & BMS data is consolidated by an onsite PI Connector, which buffers and ports data to the cloud, where RoviSys energy analytics and mechanical equipment fault detection diagnostic algorithms can be run against the data to find patterns of inefficiencies, as well as mechanical problems with equipment that need addressed, even assigning a dollar value to how much each mechanical fault is costing the facility on an hourly, daily, or annual basis. Easy to understand dashboards can be accessed by a web browser on any PC or mobile device, enabling users to see what is going on in their building from virtually anywhere. And once fault algorithms are optimized for a facility, the analytics can be used to automatically generate work orders in a client’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

The business impact of RoviSys’ facility analytics is threefold. One, it raises and spreads awareness of your facility’s energy footprint in your community. Compare your facility’s utility usage against other facilities of similar square footage, and/or facility type. Two, RoviSys’ facility analytics offering creates actionable information for facility managers maintenance of mechanical equipment. Current mechanical issues can be sorted by what is costing the facility the most and be addressed in that order. And three, RoviSys’ facility analytics solution, when linked to a client’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), facility maintenance can become automatic.

Solution Approach

RoviSys’ facility analytics solution is powered by a PI Connector at your facility. The PI Connector is a simple piece of software that can run on a new or existing PC that is connected to the internal network and the Internet (firewall & DMZ architectures available), which connects to and consolidates all facility data via various communication protocols (OPC, BACnet, Modbus, others), and serves it to a server instance that RoviSys’ instantiates in the cloud. The data is analyzed in the cloud and visualized in a set of dashboards that users can consume via web browser.



  • Connects to meters of all types
  • Connects to modern and legacy BMS systems
  • Uses 30 years of RoviSys Buildings & Automation experience to analyze data, recognize patterns, and find problems


  • Aligns utility usage to major pieces of equipment
  • Monetizes equipment issues
  • Automatically generates work tickets to address found issues

Solution Type

Advanced Analytics, Asset Management, Condition Based Maintenance, Downtime Tracking, Energy Management, Visualization, Data Center Infrastructure Management


  • Data Center
  • Facilities
  • Government
  • Hospital & Medical

Business Impacts

Optimize Processes, Evaluate Quality, Increase Asset Health & Uptime, Improve Energy Efficiencies


Managed Service Offering