by Radix Digital Engineering Company

CI2BI - Chemical Injection real time data to Business Intelligence: monitoring chemical injection to optimize business results

Solution Overview

Due to the current need to increase focus on process optimization through waste reduction – which is the heart of the Chemical Leasing business model – Radix has developed an operational intelligence system using OSISoft PI to monitor chemical injection and other process systems. This system also minimizes risks to human health, improving both economic and environmental performance and helping to expand market presence. Radix combines the Chemical Leasing business approach with its engineering expertise to develop chemical injection monitoring software for many industries.

New ways of doing business have also given rise to novel contracting approaches: customers no longer purchase a product, but a service that will ensure that product's target variable remains within specification. The overarching philosophy is a shift from only selling raw materials to selling the results they are intended to deliver for the customer’s business unit. The biggest benefits from this software are data optimization and the optimal use of products that are designed for the application and the production unit's actual, current needs. Performance is monitored against established KPI's and real-time information.

Solution Approach

The chemical management and monitoring system is designed to allow operational data on chemical consumption to be viewed and provide a clearer picture of the status of the chemical management process to both contract and process managers. This is achieved through monitoring chemical injection dosages to pursue target and variation goals, accessibility from office and onsite (even offshore) locations and displaying and considering events such as tank refuel and production shutdown in the analysis. The chemicals are modeled in PI AF using a template that allows quick configuration for multiple products and their visualization in a single screen. Each chemical can also have customized attributes, such as the volumetric profile of their tanks. The template also contains the analysis responsible for calculating chemical consumption, current dosage and its averages across different periods as well as the dosage statistical variation. Event Frames are implemented to detect relevant events such as tank refuel and dosage large deviations from target. Based on these Event Frames, Notifications are configured to alert the occurrence of events to relevant users in real time, reducing the engineering team’s response time. The visualization dashboard can be deployed to the PI Vision or PI ProcessBook, depending on what tool is available in the client environment. PI Vision provides, among other advantages, a better event data visualization (including comparison of events), availability on mobile platforms, better user interface and usability.



  • Real-time visualization of consumption
  • Real-time status for contract and process managers
  • Performance measure against defined KPI’s
  • Visualize actionable insights


  • Chemical consumption optimization (practical results of 5% achieved)
  • Improving logistics of chemicals replenish with expressive cost reductions
  • Chemical dosage closer to target and reduced variation
  • Automated calculation of all important indicators

PI System Requirements

PI Data Archive, PI AF, PI Analysis, PI Notifications, PI Vision (Optional), PI ProcessBook (Optional)

Solution Type

Data Aggregation, Data Validation, Event/Batch Analysis, IoT


  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Mining, Metallurgy & Material
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Food & Beverages
  • Hospital & Medical

Business Impacts

Optimize Processes, Increase Asset Health & Uptime


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