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PowerRunner delivers business–centric applications that join disparate OT and IT, time-series and scalar data to create an end-to-end single source of truth across the enterprise.


PowerRunner provides energy companies with predictive and actionable analytics solutions that leverage operational data, localized weather data and market data to support enhanced operational decision management of critical business processes. PowerRunner’s pointed business solutions are built upon a single source of business truth to support operational and commercial decision management across multiple business units within an energy company. PowerRunner’s ForRunner predictive analytics solution is a micro forecasting engine supporting such functions as short and long-term analysis of DER integration. RevRunner analytics provides micro spatial and temporal revenue analysis including customer valuation and profit and loss analysis. RateRunner supports rate restructuring and decoupling scenario analysis from a single service point to whole company portfolios. These solutions, combined with PowerRunner’s extensive use case library and roadmap of quantifiable value, bridges today’s distribution paradigm to support future states of the transactive energy supply chain from grid operations through profit and loss analysis.



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