• Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

    No matter where your operational data is, OSIsoft Technologies can collect and store it

  • Bigger_Data

    Bigger Data

    The sheer volume and dynamic nature of IIoT data can exceed the capabilities of existing data management systems.

    Multuple protocols

    Multiple Protocols

    As the number of sensors and data sources grows, the need for integrations with specific industrial protocols also grows. 

    Lifecycle Management

    Lifecycle Management

    Maintaining an accurate and consistent data footprint for cheaper devices and sensors requires significant investment. 

  • Data_Context

    Data Context

    IoT sensor data requires integration with additional operational context to assist in achieving business objectives.  

    Data Variety

    Existing data management systems struggle to integrate disparate data types and add operational context to the data.
    New Data Silos

    New Data Silos

    New purpose-built IoT solutions represent the new data silo - creating barriers to share the data across your organization. 
  • PI Connectors & PI Interfaces

    PI Connectors & PI Interfaces

    Out-of-the-box connectivity to over 500 industrial systems and protocols.
    Pi System for Edge Gateways

    Edge Data Store

    Collect and analyze IoT sensor and remote asset data in real-time at the network edge.
    OSIsoft Message Format

    OSIsoft Message Format (OMF)

    OSIsoft's open message specification that enables data collection from any hardware, operating system, or development environment. 
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  • Section 10 Video PTC


    PTC Improves Augmented Reality and Machine Learning

    National Instruments Video

    Private LTE

    Sempra Renewables, Nokia, Qualcomm, and SenseOps for Pervasive Connectivity 


    Building Connectivity with the OSIsoft Message Format
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