• Data Analytics in the Food & Beverage Industry

    Why Data is the Secret Ingredient for the Food and Beverage Industry

  • Kellogg's
    Customer Video

    See How Kellogg's Transformed Data Collection to Achieve Sustainablility Goals

    Customer Video

    See How Heineken Uses the PI System to Improve Water and Energy Management

  • brief deschutes

    Deschutes reduced production time, maximized capacity and postponed $8 million in capital upgrades.

    Brief Kellog

    Kellogg's reduced energy usage by 20% and increased OEE from 67% to 80%.


    Cargill uses operational data to mitigate performance loss.

  • Navigating Change

    Navigating Change in the Food & Beverage Industry

    Learn why agility matters in the F&B industry

    Sustainability Infographic

    The Sustainable Food Supply Chain

    How to increase food manufacturing sustainability using operational data

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