• Social Responsibility 2

    Social Responsibility

    Contributing to our communities around the world.

    From our headquarters in San Leandro, California to our locations worldwide, OSIsoft is proud to play an active role in the communities where we live and work. We are also pleased to celebrate a wide range of backgrounds and identities at OSIsoft, bringing our global community together.

    OSIsoft charitable contributions include both our own philanthropy and matching funds for organizations designated by our employees. As volunteers, we roll up our sleeves to build houses, clean parks, and tutor students. And we bridge the gap between philanthropy and volunteerism by providing our employees with three paid days per year to volunteer.

  • Women@OSIsoft​

    The Women@OSIsoft group was initially formed in 2015 to bring people together to foster open and safe conversations. Since then, the group has expanded its focus on building relationships within the internal community at OSIsoft, supporting outreach efforts in the local STEM community, and promoting professional development opportunities to inspire OSIsoft employees, regardless of gender, to excel in their careers. The Women@OSIsoft group has sponsored a number of women in STEM conferences and internally hosted events, not including its monthly Coffee Time segments, in hopes of fostering a supportive community that encourages women to share their voice and be confident in their professional and/or personal pursuits.


  • ​ Pride@OSIsoft​

    The Pride@OSIsoft group was initially formed in 2017 to nurture a safe, inclusive, and supportive space for people of diverse sexuality and gender at OSIsoft so that all employees can be themselves at work and be respected. Since then, the Pride@OSIsoft group has hosted a number of social events to promote networking among LGBTQ colleagues and their allies, and hopes to expand efforts to include outreach into the local communities and professional and personal development accessible to everyone at OSIsoft.