• OSIsoft History

    The History of OSIsoft

    Your success is our success for 40 years

    OSIsoft is a company whose purpose has remained constant since 1980: to empower our customers' business transformation by delivering greater value into the enterprise.

    At OSIsoft, supporting our customers' journey to operational excellence is at the core of what we do. It's why we constantly evolve the PI System™ open infrastructure for the people, industries and organizations we serve. It's why we support every customer's systems and team with our experienced engineers. It's why we've grown from a small data historian software company to a global leader in operational intelligence. And why 95% of our first customers still use the PI System today.

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  • 1980

    Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy establishes OSIsoft, LLC (formerly Oil Systems, Inc.) in October. Privately held and family owned, OSIsoft strives to focus on the community of people that surround it.


    The first PI System debuts. Established to meet immediate needs of early customers of Oil Systems Inc., the PI System (or Plant Information System) became the first product of OSIsoft, and although the company saw many name changes, the PI System has remained constant.


    In April 1990, OSIsoft launches the first User Conference, with almost 100 attendees from 51 companies and six countries, at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, CA. Even from the very first days, customers were present at these conferences - a tradition long standing as OSIsoft enters our 30th year.


    Just 10 years after its debut, OSIsoft ships the 1,000th PI Server in March from headquarters in San Leandro, CA. PI 3, the latest PI server, launched late in the year after several years of hard work by the now almost 50 employees.


    In September 2004, OSIsoft reaches a new milestone: the PI System is installed in 100 countries. With strength and ingenuity in early 2000, OSIsoft tackled the ever changing landscape and delivers a PI System that can manage two million points on a single server.


    With an always constant focus on the customer and gaining value with the PI System, OSIsoft signs the first Enterprise Agreement.


    In 2011, OSIsoft releases PI Coresight 1.0, allowing customers to access, analyze and visualize data quickly and easily across the enterprise.


    In January, OSIsoft announced a global reseller agreement with SAP, leveraging SAP HANA for rapid analysis and insights by pairing IT data with operational data. As part of the agreement, SAP resells the OSIsoft solution as the SAP HANA ® IoT Integrator by OSIsoft, and it is this connector that helps companies combine data from their control and automation systems and smart devices with transactional and business data.


    Founder and CEO Dr. Patrick Kennedy is named finalist for the Platts Global Energy Lifetime Achievement Award. A pioneer in bringing digital technology to the energy industry, Dr. Kennedy has championed the use of real-time data to increase efficiency and productivity in oil and gas, power, mining, and other industries.


    OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS) is released for general availability. OCS is a cloud-native, real-time data management system for unifying and augmenting critical operations data from across an organization to accelerate digital transformation.


    In January, OSIsoft launched a Distributed Energy Resources (DER) collaborative to leverage OSIsoft community system approach to data and bring the future of the digital energy market to life.